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“All over the world the signs of war can be seen. London, a European War Front, New York, a now ruined city, Moscow, a Russian Prison Ground, Kyoto, a Nuclear Weapon Factory. What can we see or feel in a time of need, a time when God himself has put man against man, woman against woman, even now child against child. Everyone is fighting, and there is little I can do to stop it.
When so little can be seen for so far, it saddens me to see why humans have stooped so low. The killing…the blood…the bodies unburied…we have left our world of civilization and entered an abyss darker than night. Hope of our race can only be left in the will of our children, or the few we can save from war.
It may be so conceited of me to write such things. I only wish for piece and even now I know that I will never see it while I am alive. All I wish now is for my Julia to see the bright of day, back in the days of my own youth. This poor age of war, left in the wake of a better brighter March. An Aquarian March.” – Chapters of War by Captain Curtis Elliot

This story is about a particular group of teens who are part of a special division of the West Coast Special Infantry. It is a focus on their lives, their wishes, their memories, and their own views on the war. It is a story that can be told in so many ways, but they all have one common theme: Fate has a cruel and strange sense of humor.

Story Notes:
· Year 2046 end of Aquarian age
· Large advances of weaponry and warfare
· Northern Russia under nuclear winter
· Russian capital of Moscow is a mass prison
· Paris is European headquarters
· Half of New York submerged, including Manhattan.
· Most of Asia Minor a war ruin due to fighting
· Many countries suffering from economic losses due to mass sums of money being placed into military
· Military drafting act in all countries
· Metal shortages
· Shortages of natural fuel
· Advanced weaponry
· Hydrogen and electricity used to power
· Destitution among the world
· Shortage of skilled doctor

Base Story by sevenbladessevenblades, 26 Jun 2007 03:02

Rules! Yay!

  1. Swearing is only ok if it is sensored! (eg. f%^K)
  2. No sexual references unless previously approved by admin or mods!
  3. No excess gore descriptions
  4. No flaming or hazing
  5. No talking about flaming or hazing
  7. If you know a member or staff in real life, DO NOT MENTION THEIR REAL NAME UNLESS YOU HAVE GOTTEN THEIR PERMISSION!!
General Rules by sevenbladessevenblades, 26 Jun 2007 03:00

Hey Everyone!

I am sure all of you want to go ahead and start going crazy with game ideas, but first I'd like to put some ground rules down. Yup…rules…and you have to follow them or else your thread will be IMEDIATELY deleted. Got it? Cool.

First and Foremost:

  • Follow all standard forum rules.
  • Do not describe gore or sex that may be in your game idea.
  • You may mention that gore or sex will be an element.
  • Follow format guidelines so everyone can easily read your suggestion.

Yes there is a standard format too. And yes you do have to follow them. Sorry!

Game Name(Optional):

Type(FPS, RPG, etc.):

Story Summary: (eg. The main character is part of a recon squad and must go in to encounter some monsters then defeat them.)
— Please make this longer than I did in the example!!!! —

Character Overview: (eg. Ron Weasly: Friend of main character.)

Terminology: (eg. FPS - First Person Shooter.)

Notes: (Any extra side thoughts and notes you want to add.)